The Fish Will Never Stand A Chance

The combination of functionality, efficiency and comfort
makes the Renegade 25 Open Fisherman a contender in the category.

Looking Good Never Felt So Good

This is the perfect opportunity to join the Renegade family.
If you are currently looking for a high performance power boat
that can handle your family, friends, and ambition for huge waves
then look no further than 38 Cuddy.

Technology, Security, & Safety at its Finest

Your Team Will Feel Invincible.

Elegant and Fuel-Efficient

Sleek Design & Beautiful Interior Combined With Our Twin-Step Hull Design

Performance, Strength, & Comfort

Create an Ocean of Memories With Your Friends and Family.

Open Fisherman & Cuddy Cabin Boats

Renegade Power Boats designers and engineers will meet with you to understand your style and specific requirements in order to deliver the boat of your dreams. Create an ocean of memories with your friends and family.


Always keeping an eye on innovation and technology, our boats feature step hull designs that allow for better handling and faster speeds without burning more fuel or adding more horsepower.

One of a Kind

Every Renegade hull is meticulously inspected to ensure both stability and comfort while out on the water. Building a Renegade boat requires rigorous planning from the molding process to rigging and inspection — making Renegade Boats truly one of a kind.

At Renegade Power Boats we love the ocean as much as you do. Our boats are agile, tough, fuel-efficient, and best of all, customizable. You will easily be the envy of everyone at regattas, sandbars, and waterfront restaurants.

Our company is family owned and factory direct. Assembly and sales are done at the same location, which allows us to offer our powerboats at 20 – 35% less than our competitors without compromising class or style.

Whether you are an intrepid seaman looking to pursue offshore adventures or simply want to create an ocean of memories with family and friends, we want to ensure you of the best possible experience.

Recently, Renegade Power Boats has expanded its horizons and become a contender in the pilot boat industry by supplying boats for homeland security, law enforcement, international government agencies, and other commercial uses across local businesses.

Our boats are one of a kind; they are tailored to your needs. Models range from 21 Open Fisherman’s to 38 Cuddy Cabin, each boat uniquely crafted to meet your specific desires.

The comfort, style, and safety of our patrons are always at the top of our list. Renegade Power Boats guarantees the following benefits:

  • 10 year hull and deck limited-warranty
  • Any accessories purchased through Renegade Power Boats come with a one year limited-warranty
  • In-house engineering services, re-powering, re-rigging, and graphics repair

Renegade Power Boats offer you the ultimate experience, style, and performance to become the seaman you’ve always wanted to be.